Lent Course 2018

The Rev Canon Andrew Dow from Holy Trinity will be leading the Stratford Churches Together 2018 Lent Course on the Book of Revelation. Here he gives us a preview:

We are living in troubled times. The threat of international terrorism on our own doorstep, and nuclear conflict in the Far East; the rapid spread of internet fraud, and concern over the implications of Brexit; the current social and ethical revolution bewildering in its pace – these are just some of the issues raising the level of fear and insecurity in our nation., persecution, or mere marginalisation – together with the Christ it claims to represent? And will Christ and his Church one day be publicly vindicated?

Pressing questions, and fortunately for Christians, there is one book in the Bible that was penned specifically to address them: the Book of Revelation.

In just five sessions, we cannot hope to cover the whole book in detail, but we shall explore some of the major themes.